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Chinook O-Ring and Seals supplies thousands of standard AS568-A and metric O-Ring sizes. Click on the size charts to view the sizes listed as dash numbers, by their respective inside and outside diameters, Metric sizes are identified by their respective dimensions I.E. : 35 X 4 MM (I.D. X C/S).

Backup rings
Backup Rings help prevent extrusion in high pressure service and compensate for loose fitting parts. Standard Buna 90 Durometer back up rings are used to protect an O-Ring from extrusion. Back up rings are also available in Polytetraflouroethylene (PTFE) materials.

Square rings
Square rings are fabricated from a cylindrical tube of extruded rubber. The inside and outside diameter are specific by dimensioning the inside diameter and wall thickness.

Quad rings
Quad rings consist of two sealing areas per side opposed to one sealing area on an o-ring. They require a lower pressure to maintain an effective seal, increasing the seal life. The dimensions are the same as the AS568A o-ring sizes and are readily available in Viton, Buna and Silicone compounds.

Chinook O-ring and seals supply custom gasket designs in any material and in multiple shapes and sizes.

Oil Seals
Oil Seals prevent leakage in moving parts, in rotary and/or cylindrical applications. Materials are available in Nitrile, Polyacrylate, Silicone, Viton and Teflon.

Hydraulic Seals
Chinook O-rings and seals supplies a variety of hydraulic seals ranging in u-cups, lip seals rod seals and wipers.

Custom Molds/Extrusions
Custom Molds and Extrusions are specialty items which may not be available as a stocked item but can be designed for custom fit or OEM design.

Vulcanized O-Rings and Cord Stock
O-Rings when not available as a molded product can be designed from O-Ring cord stock extrusions in many types of materials and sizes. Standard O-Ring Cord is available in Actual and Nominal sizes. Heat vulcanized and bonded O-rings provide good sealing abilities in most cases.

Though Chinook has been known as an O-Ring company we also carry a variety of other products for example: U-cups, lip seals, quad rings, square rings, backup rings, oil, transmission, hydraulic seals, and specialty designed gaskets to name a few. We also offer rubber molding extrusions to meet exacting customer specifications.

We invite you to look over our product lines and call for any additional information.

Chinook O-Rings